October 30th | Houston, TX

Education Heroes Assemble!

Education Heroes, it’s time to assemble! Educators have diligently worked to face the rapid changes in our communities. TCCA has worked to facilitate a fearless, evolved, and focused conference for our dedicated teachers. In 2021, we are ready to Assemble!

We ask our education superheroes to unite in our efforts to provide the best opportunities for students. We ask you to assemble to face the challenges of coming back together in our buildings to focus our passion and fearlessly attack our learning challenges.

In October, the Technology and Curriculum Conference of Aldine is once again leading the charge in seeking out creative presenters to combine the best of technology and curriculum to empower our superheroes. Join us for a day of creative professional experiences at B.O. Davis High School in Houston, TX for the chance to unite as a team dedicated to rolling back the learning deficit. Education Heroes Assemble!

TCCA is the largest FREE EdTech conference in Texas with attendees traveling from all parts of the United States to attend. 2020 forced us to go virtual but we were blown away with the response with over 4,400 attendees from 22 different countries participating! This year we can’t wait to see you all in person. Registration is now open!

TCCA Live vs. Virtual 

TCCA 2020 was a huge success with over 3,000 attendees from across the United States and 25 different countries around the world! The question of whether or not to go virtual again this year is a big one and opinions have been evenly split. It is our intention to be live and in-person this year as long as it is safe to do so.

I saw that TCCA was in-person this year. I would just like to register my opinion with one question: WHY? I attended three sessions at the same time last year, while in my kitchen, cooking breakfast for my little ones. Then I attend several more over the course of the next few hours, (though not simultaneously). AND I got something of value out of each session. With this new post-Covid highly-digital, highly-virtual world, a meeting of this magnitude in person seems…………………like a step backwards.  I know no one asked me, but if there’s a “think tank” or a “feedback tree” or something, can you please make sure to register my opinion? I think the powers that be should be interested to know where their target audience prefers to attend TCCA. 

This is a valid question. The result of going online was easier for planners, presenters, and attendees all around. TCCA prides itself on being the largest FREE Edtech Conference in Texas.  We are only able to put on such a large free conference through the support of our sponsor vendors who rely on the “hands-on” interactions with their products and making those face-to-face connections.  To continue to be a free conference, it is important that we provide value to our sponsors as well as our attendees.

We have also received an equal amount of feedback from those who welcome the chance to get back to the normal “conference.” They missed the social interactions, viewing vendor’s new products, and the giveaways. It is our intention to provide a safe, fun, and professional experience that will encourage the social discourse to return. We hope that teachers take the opportunity to involve themselves in professional discourse, across multiple districts to explore better ways to grow as the superheroes we know them to be.

In the past, we have asked educators to Evolve, Be Fearless, and Focus. This is the year when our Ed-Heroes Assemble!

COVID 19 Precautions:
Safety is our first and foremost priority.  We are hopeful that by October those that can, will have received their vaccinations. However, we will still be taking precautionary measures to ensure the safety of our attendees. Along with providing individual sanitizer bottles to be placed in attendee bags,  we are ordering extra sanitizer stations for the venue and disinfectant sprays for each presentation room between sessions. We are also asking for additional volunteers to enforce room capacity limits in presentations. We will encourage the continued use of masks but will follow TEA guidelines on mask recommendations.

We hope that this plan will minimize the risks of attending TCCA 2021. If you in any way feel that you will be unable to participate, we understand and look forward to having you back in 2022.


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