10 Free Classroom Management Sessions
You Won't Want to Miss at TCCA!

Classroom Management in a Tech Rich Environment

Classroom management 2.0! Join us as we explore the principles of effective classroom management and how to develop highly engaged learners in a technology-rich environment! This session will have a strong focus on the foundations of classroom management and how they apply to the 1:1 classroom. You won’t want to miss this!

The Science of Motivation: 21st Century Solutions for Student Indifference

Have you noticed a rise in post-pandemic apathy among your students? You’re not alone! This session provides research-based best practices to help you establish or restore influence in your classroom. The strategies presented incorporate technology and the sciences of persuasion and motivation to help move your students into action

Total Participation Techniques for the 1:1 Classroom

Have you ever struggled with keeping students engaged in your lessons? Do they zone out during lecture, lose their homework, or let other group members at their table do all the work? The goal of this interactive session is to provide teachers with technology tools to increase student engagement and ownership of the learning process, while at the same time providing the teacher with frequent opportunities for formative assessment in a 1:1 classroom environment.

A Birdseye Look into Efficient Classroom Management Practices

The session will give attendees ways to view how computer classroom usage can be maximized depending on the teachers intended purpose. No one way fits all and having a device does not mean it will be used effectively. Presentations for intended purposes will be discussed and multiple ideas for implementation offered.

Classroom Management Techniques for the New Teacher!

This session will cover how to effectively monitor classrooms while facilitating interactive lessons. What are some best practice strategies that will allow teachers and students to succeed within the learning environment.

Student Trek: The Next Generation Takes Over

Attendees will gain ideas to comfortably turn over their classroom to their students while encouraging students to take ownership of their own learning. Technology used is Classwize to monitor student activity on chromebooks as well as different Google tools to put interactive learning in the students’ hands. This presentation will encourage teachers to step out of their comfort zone and give students the ability to take ownership of their own learning and classroom ranging from class jobs (yes, even in secondary) to completing tasks.

Automating Classroom Management

In this session we will be using google sheets to create different forms, seating charts, placcards, and forms that can be individualized for class, clubs, and sports teams.

TIK 4 TOK (Technology Is Key for Teaching Our Kids)

Teaching effectively is the pinnacle concern of highly-motivated and highly qualified educators as well as novices to the noble profession. As educators, we have direct influence over our students’ success or failure. In order to ensure student success, maximize productivity and maintain order, teachers must use responsible and effective strategies to keep student attention and encourage increased quality output. Successful classroom management strategies will foster an environment that facilitates instruction as well as learning. Conversely, classrooms that appear to be lacking in productivity will often produce confusion.

101: Classroom Management and PBIS for ZERO Bucks!

STASH101 is the classroom Management system with the most bang for zero bucks. This system is built to enhance positive behavior strategies for students while incorporating financial literacy and self-regulation. The simplicity of this classroom management system will have you stashing away the student popsicle sticks tomorrow.

Maximize Efficiency in your 1:1 Classroom

This session will be a fast-paced, hands-on demonstration that will include dozens of tips that teachers and students alike can adopt (or not) in their teaching and learning. Examples include keyboard shortcuts, Windows tools, Google Workspace apps, Browser tools, laptop touchpads and the FN keys and how to do the same things on your phone/tablet too.


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Claudio Zavala Jr. is an Adobe Education Evangelist based out of the Dallas-Fort Worth area with over 25 years in the education world. He has served in capacities as an educator, mentor teacher, educational technology trainer, and digital designer. He has a passion for helping students and educators share their stories with digital tools. In 2017, Claudio founded I Am Claudius LLC, a creative media consulting company providing workshops and webinars on subjects like innovation, video creation, and storytelling. Claudio has presented at various national and regional conferences including ISTE, SXSWEdu, FETC and TCEA. Claudio has also been featured in various magazines including Toggle and EdTech Magazine. He was a part of the Adobe Spark Ambassador program for the past two years. Claudio has spent the last 4 years creating tutorials for his YouTube channel.

Claudio is an accomplished photographer, avid cinematographer, mountain biker and professional musician. You can find him on all social media platforms at @ClaudioZavalaJr and can learn more about him at claudiozavalajr.com


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