7 Free Inspirational Sessions
You Won't Want to Miss at TCCA!

Dr. Tommie Mabry

Perspective, Keynote Address by Tommie Mabry

Join Dr. Tommie Mabry in an inspirational Keynote address about perspective, understanding, connections, and motivation.

GED To PHD: The Story Behind The Data

Traumatized students are all too common in America’s schools. What’s rare is an opportunity for educators to sit and absorb first-hand from a former at-risk student. Craig’s mom abused drugs, his father wasn’t present, and he overcame a learning disability as a special education student. Craig repeated 3rd and 5th grade before dropping out in the 10th grade. Craig has a truly inspiring story, and his journey from GED to PhD is one that will have you motivated to go out and achieve greatness. In this engaging session, participants will unlearn perceived fallacies about students who deal with trauma and come from poverty. The impact of childhood trauma and chronic stress is one of the most pressing issues facing educators and society at large. If you work with youth there’s a good chance you work with trauma. Trauma prevents students from being able to engage fully in the present moment. Craig’s trademark slogan, GED to PHD is a concrete paradigm that educators should never give up on any student. 

Craig Boykin
Chris Ortiz,
Conroe ISD

The People Business

As educators, we are in the PEOPLE business. In this session, we will dig deep into the value of connecting with those we educate.

Leading Like a "BOSS" Educator: Transforming Culture and Student Achievement

In this highly-engaging and interactive session, we will explore strategies to model positive leadership. Attendees can expect to leave with immediate tools and strategies to boost culture, create a goal-driven school, and build stronger teams for higher levels of success.

LaQuanta Nelson,
The Boss Educator
Ashley May,
Spring Branch ISD

The Power of Human Connection

This session will discuss how connectedness, not technology, was the silver bullet that allowed us to survive the height of the COVID-19 pandemic and the aftermath. Participants will hear how inter-district collaboration and intentionally recognizing the humanity of educators fueled the work and success in an urban school district.

Regrets, I’ve Had A Few

I know this is a technology conference. However, trust me when I say that this 57 year old Physical Educator is the last person you want to talk about tech. What I do want to speak about is getting teachers excited about the ideas they want to implement in their classrooms. I want to encourage them to have the fearlessness to take risks that will benefit their students. I have noticed that in our classrooms, and in life, we don’t regret the things we have attempted, even if we crash and burn. But perhaps our deepest regrets are the things we never tried.

Darrell Sheppard,
Cy Fair ISD

What’s Your Jouney?

Join Aldine ISD’s Lead Learners for an inspirational panel discussion as we dig deeper into their journeys through education and what the future may hold.


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Claudio Zavala Jr. is an Adobe Education Evangelist based out of the Dallas-Fort Worth area with over 25 years in the education world. He has served in capacities as an educator, mentor teacher, educational technology trainer, and digital designer. He has a passion for helping students and educators share their stories with digital tools. In 2017, Claudio founded I Am Claudius LLC, a creative media consulting company providing workshops and webinars on subjects like innovation, video creation, and storytelling. Claudio has presented at various national and regional conferences including ISTE, SXSWEdu, FETC and TCEA. Claudio has also been featured in various magazines including Toggle and EdTech Magazine. He was a part of the Adobe Spark Ambassador program for the past two years. Claudio has spent the last 4 years creating tutorials for his YouTube channel.

Claudio is an accomplished photographer, avid cinematographer, mountain biker and professional musician. You can find him on all social media platforms at @ClaudioZavalaJr and can learn more about him at claudiozavalajr.com


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